Henry Gye

Bachelor in Sound and Music Design

Accomplished Session Guitarist having Won Two Awards and Played at International Award Ceremonies

Skills in Studio Recording & Mixing for Music

Foley for Sound in Time-Based Media Projects


Studies in Contemporary Music & Sonic Art

Interactive and Installation artist

Competence in Logic Pro and Pro Tools

Having Finished a bachelors degree in Sound and Music Design, Henry actively participates in many artistic practices, spanning from musical composition to amateur electrical engineering for his interactive installation sculptures.

On top of the creative, Henry also has a skill set in the commercial and production side of sound and music. His work ranges from recording, mixing and displaying singles and records for bands either from collaborations, friends or his own band and works.

Having only recently returned from London, he arrived back with exposure to the professional realm of England’s thriving music scene. His experiences included working with acclaimed engineers at London’s Metropolis Studios, assisting on PR tasks with some of London’s upcoming artists and Black Butter Records as well as some recording engineer work for television.

His portfolio exhibits an eclectic display of academic studies in Speech, Music, Sound, Instrument Design, Design, Audio Culture, Contemporary Music, Western and Eastern Compositional Styles and more.

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